The Future is

Carbon Neutral Gas

Simpson Energy is focused on unlocking the immense value in its conventional oil & gas and unconventional shale gas acreage.

  • Simpson Energy Tenaments

  • Total Area

    6.8 million acres

  • Three Exploration Permits

    EP 93
    EP 97
    EP 107

Highly prospective oil & gas opportunity, Pedirka Basin, NT.

Significant conventional oil and shale gas exploration and appraisal program, to supply the shortfall in Australian gas supplies by 2030.

The $120 Billion Vision

  • In the heart of one of the world’s most developed nations, a crisis brews. By 2030, an overwhelming 80% of Australians could be overshadowed by a severe energy crisis, redefining the nation’s infrastructure, industries, and daily lives.

  • Simpson Energy’s Game-Changing Proposition: Enter Simpson Energy, potentially the continent’s crown jewel in carbon-neutral gas projects, poised to redefine Australia’s energy landscape.

  • Addressing the East-Coast Crisis: Projections paint a concerning picture for Australia’s East Coast, anticipating staggering gas supply shortages. From a perturbing deficit of 30Pj in 2030, the situation could escalate dramatically by 2050.

  • The Simpson Energy Promise: Boasting an impressive 8.5 Tcf of gas, Simpson Energy isn’t just about vast reserves; it’s about timely, strategic intervention. This resource can offset the East Coast’s impending shortfall for an astounding 140 years. Or, to put it another way, it can power the entire East Coast for a full 14 years.

Simpson Energy

Gas Exploration

Simpson Energy